About us
Peter ten Hoopen, a former journalist, has spent half his adult life outside the country of his birth and travelled to 60+ countries on all continents, familiarising himself with all of the world's major cultural systems through deep immersion. He lived in Asia for six years, in the US for four years, most of the rest in Europe. He has had a successfull career in advertising, working for leading international brands, and is the author of 12 books.

Peter ten Hoopen is an expert in the fields of multiculturality, creativity and corporate culture, and an outspoken leadership thinker. He is well versed in values based management, appreciative inquiry, and authentic leadership, and has developed tools to chart organisations' and individuals' use of vital energy.

Professional Experience
Peter began his career in journalism and later advertising - as copywriter and creative director for leading brands such as IBM, ABN-AMRO Bank, Saab, Sony, KPMG and KLM, winning numerous national and international awards. He co-founded two successful Amsterdam agencies, and acquired a reputation for 'serious' work, with an emphasis on corporate advertising. In the 1990s, after many years of dressing up the outside of organisations, he became fascinated by their inner workings. Pairing insights gained by study with his intimate acquaintance of a great variety of organisations, he established himself as corporate personality consultant - writing two books on the subject to share his learning process. He served as strategic advisor and program developer to De Baak Management Centrum VNO-NCW, the management training centre of the main Dutch employers association, co-creating its flagship 'Tomorrow's World' program and a series of seminars on 'New Leadership'. He then joined Trompenaars Hampden-Turner as senior consultant, serving THT's worldwide clientèle on four continents. Clients include Royal Bank of Scotland, ABN-AMRO, KPMG and MTN. Peter has been involved in major post M&A cultural integration operations, course development, and in the shaping of in-house academies for global companies. An avid programmer since the early days of computing, he develops Peter ten Hoopen's proprietary research instruments on leadership, creativity, and purpose.

Passion is the key
Over the years Peter has largely adhered to his own credo 'follow your passions: do only what you can do wholeheartedly.' He has spent half his adult life exploring the corporate world and the other half exploring the world, travelling to over 60 countries on all continents, and indulging his passion for ocean sailing. He has published seven literary works and two books of non-fiction, three translations, numerous articles and columns. His formal training includes psychology (University of Amsterdam), Indian classical music (at the feet of Ravi Shankar's father in law, the short-tempered Ustad Allauddin Khan), General Management (IMP Cambridge), Values Based Management and Appreciative Inquiry (both with Richard Barrett), computer programming (several languages including C and PHP). In the mid '80s, as writer in residence, he taught creative writing at the University of Michigan. He now frequently teaches classes at business schools and in-house academies.

Speaking expertise
Peter is an inspiring, and often provocative speaker on a wide range of subjects related to corporate culture and corporate personality, creativity, diversity, and personal and organisational development.

Seven works of literary fiction, five works of non-fiction, all except the last in Dutch. His most recent books are Geluk in zaken, on 'how to achieve happiness in a business environment' and The Enlightened Leader with co-author Fons Trompenaars, in which he presents the business case for a type of leadership that places more emphasis on the profitable application of human energy than on shareholder value - arguing, paradoxically, that in a service/knowledge economy this is the best way to improve shareholder value.

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