Executive Retreats
Many of today's corporate leaders are too busy addressing pressing issues to reflect in quiet on essential themes that impact their own and their organization's futures. Such as:
  • the emergence of a global consciousness
  • the growing call for transparancy
  • the dimished effectiveness of command and control
  • the need for new leadership, based not on power but inspiration and collective passion
  • the desire for a sense of purpose, both corporate and individual.
To provide an opportunity for top level executives to withdraw themselves briefly and reflect, Peter ten Hoopen organizes small-scale executive retreats at secluded locations around the world, commonly 3 to 5 day events held at 'away from it all' locations.

Customized Executive Retreats are co-created with clients for groups of between 5 and 15 people. Expect a peaceful, but also highly charged atmosphere.

Running on All Seven
Workshop on Personal and Corporate Energy Economy. You spend spiritual energy every day - in terms of the attention given to various areas of interest. But how effective is that expenditure? To chart the distribution of individual and organisational energy TenHoopen.Org identifies seven energy levels, and studies their relative prominence. The retreat introduces these levels, and allows participants to judge their own energy use in terms that help clarify their leadership style. The program makes use of a proprietary web based survey to show individual or organisational energy expenditure per level, and helps achieve inner balance.

Theme How does the organization utilize its human energy?
Dates To be announced.
Location La Pedrosa, Rócio, Spain.
Deliverable Better awareness of one's own energy use, and that of the organization. Improved inner balance, which removes energy drain, and more conscious application of vital energy, resulting in greater satisfaction and effectiveness.
Investment Price on request.

Lucidity Workshop 'Golden Moments'
We all have lucid moments, those moments when the cohesion of our life suddenly is seen with crystalline clarity, when we are charged with a higher energy than we experience in day to day life - and the trick is, to recognise those moments for what they are, these Golden Moments, Moments of Truth, and to hang on to what they give you. By becoming aware of the cohesion, you become more aware of who you are in a larger context, what your stronger and weaker aspects are, and how they operate on each other to make you who you are. This workshop is aimed a recognizing such moments, and producing them in quantity over a period of five days of beach and mountain walks, trainings and meditations in Southern Portugal, at remote unspoilt locations. For a look at the spiritual quality of the landscape awaiting you go to Samouqueira's website below.

Theme Are we alert to our own wisdom?
Dates To be announced.
Location Herdade da Samouqueira and Castelo de Milfontes, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal .
Deliverable A crystalline picture of who you are in a larger context. What your strengths and weaknesses are, and your deepest aspirations. Renewed energy, through renewed sense of purpose.
Investment Price on request.
Note Over half of all sessions are outdoors, whatever the weather - which in the period tends to be delightful. We will spend much time at the Herdade de Samouqueira, a 60 acre estate of great beauty. Lodging is in an ancient fortress in a small Phoenician town on the west coast of Portugal. Excellent vegeterian and non-veg food created by our Australian chef, specialised in top shelf events. All meals are made with fresh local products.