The world is changing, more rapidly than many realize, in a direction of more oneness, more freedom and openness, where corporations will be expected to be good global citizens and represent true values.

To help corporations manage the transition to a new global order, characterized by transparency, honesty, and a sense of purpose. This involves not just the transformation of organizations, inspired by a new sense of mission and inner strength, but frequently the personal transformation of its leaders as well. Why is this necessary? Let's take a look a this quote from the Economist:

             'Firms from emerging markets are finding that a globally integrated company needs
             a single culture, and that the best way to foster this is to make the highest ethics
             anywhere in the firm the norm for everyone, wherever they are working. Anything less
             tends to corrupt the culture.'

In praise of the stateless multinational, Economist, September 20, 2008                     
Peter ten Hoopen helps corporations make the profitable change from a bottom-line-driven organization to a purpose-driven organization. 'Profitable', because experience has shown over and over again (Cf. Richard Barrett, Liberating the Corporate Soul) that companies fired by a strong sense of mission and a high degree of employee involvement, consistently outperform corporations that focus exclusively on the bottom line, with little regard for the interests of stakeholders other than shareholders.
        If this is true today, it will be even more so tomorrow, in this new world where all of a corporation's actions can be held up to the light globally and instantly. Even apart from ethical considerations, the sense of survival alone should dictate a corporate attitude dominated by the ambition to render service.
        The main task of a corporation in the decades ahead, is to strive for purpose - giving the world something of true value.
        The strongest corporations will be those that are seen to offer the world something of widely appreciated value, produced in a manner that does not exploit workers and respects the environment. They will be strong communicators, with the skill to touch the hearts and minds of their audience.